Losing it.

I wish I could change my primary blog.

oatmeal-onyourshirt asked: Hi , how are you ? Can you tell me how many calories you eat a day and at breakfast ? Thanks anyway <3

I used to calorie count horrifically strictly but this time round I haven’t been so much.

I would estimate no more than 1200 on a day without lots of exercise. 

Breakfast I have around 300 calories of granola, low fat yogurt and fruit. 

I mainly just do not stop drinking water, whenever I lower my water intake I seem to stop losing weight! 

Hope this helps! 

Sorry I’ve been MIA yet again.

I’ve had a rough week. My boyfriend of 4 and a half years and I are kind of in the midst of breaking up or deciding if it’s the right thing to do and I’m rather zombie like because of it.

I also attempted to go camping with friends but the mixture of driving rain and gale force winds and my emotional status made me drive home after only a night haha.

I don’t care, some of those girls are so bitchy anyway!

But yeah, going through some stuff. 

Food was good today -

Moved into my new flat so no chance to snack but -

breakfast - low fat yog, strawberries, sprinkle of granola. 

Lunch- (very late) - low fat pasta meal (didnt taste nice)

Dinner- romanesco (YUM) with homemade cheese sauce (yeah I know) and quorn :) 

then fruit, honey and yoghurt for pudding :)